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Hassle Free Food

Who has time to shop these days, and why bother when you can get delicious food delivered straight to your door.

Tasty Dinners

Our food is all homemade by our award winning team of chefs, packaged with love, care & creative spirit.


By using a planned meal service you are going to generate less food waste in your household.

which helps the planet.

Think Creative

Sometimes you just do not know what to cook you or your family for dinner. 

Leave the creative thinking to us, but you take all the glory


FED is created and managed by the multi-award winning Cleverchefs catering team.

Catering for multiple areas of the hospitality industry from luxury Weddings, VIP events, film & tv productions & their very own restaurants called the Kitchens. Cleverchefs Launched FED during the covid-19 pandemic.

It just made sense, we have state of the art kitchens located across the UK, filled with amazingly creative chefs.

Cleverchefs would only do something if we thought we could make a difference.

We feel we have some unique selling points to our food delivery service.

We will always use the very finest British produce in our food boxes and ready meals.

We produce food you really want to eat and crave to eat again and again.

It's made by real chefs, sure there are large companies out there providing a food delivery service, but at FED it is made in smaller batches allowing our chefs to rely on there palates to taste and make our products impeccable.

Cleverchefs was started by our founder Nick Collins back in 2015, Nick started his career as a chef in the Michelin star restaurant scene back in 2000. 

Training at that level set Nick up for a chef life of striving for perfection every single day in his career, you may have seen Nick on the BBC's Masterchef the professionals back in 2008. 

Nick has worked in all areas of the hospitality industry from a private chef for celebrities to a national development chef for a large corporate caterer. 

Going it alone in 2015 the mission was simple, whatever area that Cleverchefs catered for it had to be unique, creative and tasty. To date Cleverchefs is recognised as one of the UK's leading event catering company's with over 8 awards in over 5 years.

"I want FED to be the first place that people think about when they want to dine at home with great food.

We want to make cooking fun and never seem like a chore"

Nick Collins


I t Just

Made Sense

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